Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Human Resource Management 

Sales and Logistics 

Supply Chain Management 


Program & Project Management

Project Management

Real-Time Resource Allocation and Planning to Meet Your Short- and

Long-Term Staffing Needs

The discipline of Project Management at Carya meets the pre-defined objectives of:

 Principles of project planning

 Project initiation

 Project lifecycles & planning

 Identifying tasks & estimating

 Quality issues

 Anticipating problems & motivation

 Financial issues

 Applying principles

Project Management – We Provide solutions to identify and capture project costs,manage job resources, track materials, labor and overhead, calculate financial indicators as it relates to billing, sales, earnings, interest, performance and completed projects, and allows viewing of project status.

We build teams for employee satisfaction with assignments based on their skills and aspirations, according to shared skills and qualifications.


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